If you are fond of sweets then PLACE of ORIGIN will be your favourite destination. Not only you can discover more than 3500 unique sweets here, but also the sweets are sure to delight you. Now taste sweets from different parts of India by sitting at your home. Here are some of the sweets from across India.

Santra Barfi from Nagpur


With every bite of Santra Barfi freshly made by the Haldirams of Nagpur you will get a tangy citrusy taste along with some sweetness. It contains the exact flavours of fresh oranges. A cube of Santra Barfi will surely make your day.

Nolen Gurer Sondesh



When it comes to dry Bengali sweet then Nolen gurer Sondesh has the first place in the list. The freshly prepared Nolen Gurer Sondesh made from winter palm jaggery has a soft texture and a wonderful taste of jaggery. Having one sondesh makes you crave for another one.It’s a perfect sweet to serve during winter.

Strawberry Pillow


A pink layer of Strawberry on the white marshmallow will give you an absolute delight of strawberries in mouth melting marshmallow. For the ones who have sudden sugar cravings, strawberry pillow is a delicate sweet to make you feel delightful.



Khaja is a crispy, flaky sweet dipped in sugar syrup. It contains layers of crispiness and sweetness of sugar syrup which gives a wow munchy feeling with every bite of it. It can be packed in a container and stored more many days. Its an all time sweet .


PLACE of ORIGIN is a perfect place to discover all flavours of sweet across India. It is worth tasting the sweets that will surely fill your life with sweetness.