We were all wondering what our lovely and adorable Guthi will be doing after Mr. Sunil Grover left Kapil sharma show. Well, you won’t have to wait to know.


It seems sunil grover has been doing private shows and the people are going crazy over it. With luck I caught one of his shows at Phoenix Mall,Whitefield.


It was the GALAT Night with Sunil Grover but  let me tell you nothing Galat happened during the course of night.

As usual Sunil grover appeared  in his three avtaar and rocked in all – RInku Bhabhi, Dr. Mashoor Gulaati & Guthi.

Dr. Mashhoor Gulati in his usual frenzy
Rinku Bhabhi having fun

It was an enjoyable night but only time will tell how successful this venture of Sunil grover really is.

Pic Courtesy : Phoenix Marketcity Bangalore & Custard Apple Productions