It is certainly a great feeling for any Indian – being served with home cooked meal, for we firmly believe “Food is not just for the body, but for the soul too.” Vaya, a company based at Chennai has designed a premium tiffin Box to fulfill this dream of Indian to eat ‘Ghar Ka Khana’.



The Product was launched on August 19th at  ITC Gardenia,Bengaluru . I got the opportunity to attend this product launch.

The Event
The product launch of Vaya was engaging and focused at the same time. Lakshmi Rebecca, host of the event fueled the event with her captivating smiles and exhilarated pitch.


It started with a fascinating dance performance which kept me glued to my seat.

It was followed by appealing comedy by standup comedian Karthik Kumar.


Finally Mr. Vashist Vasanthkumar – CEO & founder of Vaya and a young entrepreneur took the stage.He briefed the visions and aim of his company Vaya.



The product,tiffin particularly designed for India was put on view. He discussed about its benefits and the key features.
About VAYA LunchBox

Vaya’s  product is a perfect blend of  science & technology . The Tiffin Box is superbly build with high quality stainless steel. It works on VacuTherm insulating technology i.e. The outer stainless steel is insulated using vaccum and thus heat gets trapped. As company claims, it can keep food piping hot for 6 hours.


It has an oval stainless body i.e. 30 % thinner. The inner containers are smartly sized and are made of high quality copper finished stainless steel.


The containers are leak-proof and spill-proof by virtue of Double shot lids


The tiffin boxes comes in three aesthetically pleasing styles – Wool, Maple & Steel and a shoulder bag so as to move and dine with style.


Dinner at ITC Gardenia,Bangalore

At the end of event, dinner was served at ITC. The sumptuous meal and the delicious-looking  desserts seemed irresistible.


I was presented with a free tiffin-box during the event. Being impressed by the features and the looks of Vaya tiffin, I must say that the tiffin-box does justice to its description. I am looking forward to writing a separate review for the product.

For more visit the site of Vaya:  www.vaya.in and reserve your tiffin style (No payment required).

So next time:

You won’t miss your mother’s love while dining after a long lecture or your wife’s secret recipe while dining in office canteen after a grunting lecture of your boss 🙂